Technology on the World Wide WebWith the connected generation and the need to be online, why are the only widely available options for a small business either the DIY or the expensive ‘web development’ specialist. With the every changing web, a small business doesn’t need to ‘Keep up with the Joneses’ or have wizzy functions that really mean nothing.

They need a clear, well written, concise advert for their business that is accessible from Google and gives them a shop window to the world.

Why the expense?

For years we ‘web developers’, and I’m including myself in this category, have always charged a premium for our service to make it feel ‘superior’ and justify our knowledge. In reality, simple, clear, clean websites can be set up in very little time and without even breaking a sweat.

Content is everything

Most business who need a brochure website should already have well written advertisement content and related photographs.. If not, then that should be your priority. Therefore most of the website is already built, all that’s needed is a nicely coded simple template hosted with a suitable domain name.

Template designs can be found on 1001 different websites. A Google search for ‘CSSTemplates’ and clicking the top link gives you access to 652 different website templates that can be used, for free, to build your website.

Domain registration can be purchased for around £8.50 for a domain for 2 years.

WebHosting can be purchase for around £19.99 per year for an individual account. I pay around £150 per year for an unlimited number of these accounts. Even if I run only 15 websites it costs less than £10 per year.

So for £14.25 per year cost, why should I expect a small business to pay £hundreds or sometimes even £thousands???

If you search for Cheapwebsites on Google you will find many sites offering “low cost sites” from £1 upwards.. but then tie you in to a £9.99 per month hosting deal or they don’t include a domain name… these can, in the long run, work out more expensive thah the expensive ‘web development’ specialist.

Do you really need to amend the content on your website? Some companies provide you with an all singing all dancing CMS (Content Management System).. Is that really what you need for your 4 or 5 page website? Or is your company more in need of something on the web, quickly, efficiently, indexed on Google and allow you to get on with the day job?

Vive la Revolution

Its time for a change, and a few web developers are breaking with traditions and moving to provide truly low cost, simple, well designed websites at very affordable levels.