My little 16 week old baby boy has reflux
We thought this was just a little bit of sick (well, sometimes a lot of sick) but everything changed on Friday February 13th 2009!

My wife took our little boy and our 2 westies out for their ususal afternoon walk, and while our angel was sleeping she noticed him going a little grey, and bluey round the lips. She tried to wake him by gently stroking his cheek, no response. She tried everything to try and wake him up, and eventually he started to come round, very sleepily, and with his eyes rolling to the back of his head.

She immediately phone an ambulance, who were very quickly on the scene. The delivered both my wife and our little angel to the local hospital in quick time, where he was kept in overnight for observations.

Discussing this with the Consultant Peadiatrician the following morning it is know for babies with Reflux to have this reaction when being sick. It seems that if they are lying down looking up when they are sick, the valve at the back of the throat closes to stop vomit entering the air way.. This can spasm due to the acid in the vomit and simply not re-open! This left our little man suffocating!

We are lucky that this happened during a walk, and my quick thinking, quick reacting wife made the correct call to the ambulance when she did. I’d hate to think of what could have happened if this had been during the night whilst we were both sleeping!

We already have a Binatine BM500 Video Monitor to help us keep an eye on him, but have added a Babysense II Infant Breathing Monitor from to help us keep him safe.

He suffered severe acid reflux until just after his 6 month ‘birthday’ when we started him on solids.

We tried everything we could to ease his condition. Raising his matress seemed to ease it a little, SMA Staydown did nothing but make the sick thicker and lumpy!

At the end we fed him and then he had Infant Gaviscon, held him upright for 15-20 minutes after each feed and had a lot of baby sleep suits, vests and crib sheets.

It stops eventually, and the severity of it slowly fades. But this is one day that I will never forget.