Changing a Window Regulator on a 1998 5 Door Land Rover Freelander 1.8

This is a work in progress guide for changing the Power / Electric Window Regulator in a Landrover Freelander. This guide is based on a 1998 1.8 5 Door.
If you have a 3 door, I’m aware that your door handle has different mounting points, I’ll update
the guide when I have access to / pictures of a 3 door handle.

1) First off you’ll need one of these. A new Window Regulator.. If bought from Landrover Dealers, will cost you £££.. I got mine off eBay! £75 including delivery!

Brand New Window Regulator

2) and so to the Freebie! pry the little plastic triangle off directly behind the door mirror. Work from the top and
be gentle not to break the clip (don’t worry if you do, a little super glue can be used to hold it
back together 😉 )

Pry off the plastic door cover behind the mirror

3) Unscrew the 2 fastening screws on the door handle.

unscrew the 2 fastening screws

4) There are 6 cross head screws holding the door pocket on. 1 at each side, 3 underneath and the last
one is hidden….

remove the door pocket screws

5) Pop off the little black nobble that’s part of the door pocket bottle / can holder.. Gently.. or
you’ll break it!

Pop off the Nobble

6) and the final door pocket screw is hidden behind it!

The final door pocket screw!

7) As you can see, the previous owner decided to ditch the clear plastic water barrier.. and go with
this fetching blue one! with a mixture of parcel tape and silver pipe tape! Lovely!

Remove the 4 screws fastening on the speaker (indicated in green) and gently peel back the water

All Is Revealed!

8) Normally, you’d be able to lower the window until the 2 clamps holding the glass are reachable,
slacken off the clamps and remove the window glass through the top of the frame. You can leave the glass in place, by slackening off the 2 clamps, raising the glass to the top and putting wedges in between the glass and the window rubber to hold it up.. This is the quicker way, but you have to be careful that the glass is secured at the top… I won’t be held responsible for any crushed fingers! 🙂

Then remove the 5 bolts indicated in green, the lower middle one is part of a strengthener plate, this is attached at the top by a rivet (indicated by the pink arrow), and can just be span up out of the way and remove the whole regulator unit in one.

But in typical Freelander style, mine wasn’t so simple!

The cables on my window regulator were completely stuffed, and had been fastened up to hold the
window up.. and I couldn’t get the window to move at all. So I had to remove the 5 bolts holding the
regulator in, then lower the regulator out of the door far enough to get to the glass clamps,
slacken those off, and then pull the glass out through the top of the door frame.. And thats why
there are no pictures of the regulator removal! I only had 1 pair of hands 🙂

Removing the old Regulator!

9) The new regulator goes in very easily. and the 5 bolts are loosely fastened to allow for adjustment.
With the motor connected lower the window until the clamps are visible (indicated in green) and
replace the window glass through the top of the frame.

Lightly fasten the clamps until they just catch the glass. Spray some lube into the window channels,
and raise and lower the window a couple of times to allow it to seat itself in the correct place.

Lower the window until the clamps are accessible and tighten up (not to tight though – it is glass
your clamping up to!)

Out with the Old! In with the New

10) Tighten all 5 regulator fixing bolts (indicated in Green).

Spray some lube into the window running channels (indicated in Pink)

Pink and Green - Hmmm lovely colours!

11) Replace the door panel (the reverse of points above)

Note: Remember to refit / replace the plastic sheet making sure it is securely stuck to the
door (in my case I spent 10 minutes removing all of the old packing take and silver tape before
using some new white Gaffer Tape!)

Stand back and bask in the glory of a Job Well Done 🙂

All Back Together.. Who's a clever boy then!

12) Its amazing what you can find in the bottom of a Freelander Door! This Stanley knife blade was
quietly rusting away inside my passenger door…. Not something that I’d leave in there!

Rusty Stanley Knife Blade

This guide is a work in progress. The author or anyone at cannot be be held
responsible for any errors / omissions / or incorrect facts that lead to damage, loss of limbs,
death or anything more serious..

If you notice any glaring errors, or if you want to add anything else then please email me at
Thanks for reading, hope it was helpful 🙂

Andy ~ kaillum