The start of a new career or a quick fix to supplement our income…

Whatever way I look at it I’ve just taken and passed my knowledge test for the Wyre Borough.

This was a 20 question test that had 15 questions ‘about the borough’ and 5 questions about taxi legislation… I got 18 out of 20 after misreading 2 of the questions.. I do actually know the Shard Bridge pub is in Wyre – the stupid thing is that this question is on the ‘examples’ given in the guidance on how to become a driver!

I now have to wait for my CRB and DVLA checks to come back clear (god I hope they do!) and then I’ll be issued with a shiny new ‘Hackney Carriage drivers licence’.

I’ve already got a drive for Ace Cabs in Cleveleys… I just need the little bit of plastic to say I’m licenced and I’ll be out on the road in a big gold bomber!

Gold Bomber taxi in London

a big gold bomber!